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Thread: 1 year old, just curious

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    Default 1 year old, just curious

    I'm just curious as to what the benefits are of nursing over 1 year.

    Also, I wonder if I continue nursing for my daughter or more for myself. I still nurse her once early morning, again after she wakes up for the day, in the afternoon and then before bed. I LOVE IT! I know that I have been so blessed! None of my friends have ever been able to nurse this long. I know it has kept my baby healthy (she has only had 2 fevers and 1 ear ache). She has been in daycare since 3 months. I am a full time working mama and am so proud of my commitment to her. However, I'm not sure that she still "needs" it. I could stop going on my lunch break but I just can't bring myself to stop. She now drinks soy milk as well now.

    Before she was born I made the commitment for and prayed for 1 year. As it grew closer I thought "well, I"ll START weaning her at 1 year." As it grew even closer I thought, "well, maybe I"ll just nurse her in the mornings and nights." And here we are still doing the afore mentioned schedule. I now have this thought (that I haven't shared with anyone) that I will continue to nurse through this winter in hopes of protecting my baby against the many germs and illnesses that go around her daycare.

    I look forward to AND mourn the day when we will not have this connection.


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    Default Re: 1 year old, just curious

    There are SO many benefits to nursing past one year. I was in the same boat as you a couple of months ago-I had set the goal of BFing for one year, but when it came I wasn’t so sure. So, I did some research, starting here, and found out that the one year recommended by the AAP is actually less than what’s recommended by the World Health Organization (which is 2 years). Also, the benefits of BFing actually increase with length of BFing, including increased intelligence, increased immunological benefits (as you mention, your LO really will be protected from many of those daycare illnesses), and of course nutritional benefits. Nutritionally, our milk is much better for our LOs than cow’s milk or soy milk. I know it can be difficult to get a one-year old to eat healthy foods, so BM provides some nutritional “insurance” so I know my DD is still getting important nutrients (like free, perfectly formulated pediasure LOL). I still offer my DD lots of different foods to eat, but most of it still ends up on the floor.
    And of course, the bonding and comforting aspects of BFing should not be discounted, and it sounds like those are very important to you. Those are very real and important benefits to both you AND your LO. You’re not doing this “for yourself” only. There are people who have suggested as much to me and I just think, “No, weaning at this point would be the selfish thing to do, not continuing to give my child the best I have to offer.” Instead I say something like, “There are still a lot of benefits to my daughter and it’s still such a great bond between us. I really don’t see us stopping anytime soon.”
    Finally, I can only imagine the protest I would get from my DD if I tried to wean her right now. I don’t think it should be traumatic for her and right now I know it would be. That, to me, is a strong indicator that it is not the right thing to do.
    This will be your own decision, but I think you should continue as long as you want to!


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