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Thread: Good nursing bra for big breasts?

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    Cool Good nursing bra for big breasts?

    Hey ladies. I am new here.
    I havent started breastfeeding yet, due on the 19th. I am a FTM.
    i started as a 36DD and as of right now im a 38F. -_-

    I need some good suggestions for a supportive non-underwire nursing bra.
    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Good nursing bra for big breasts?

    Welcome! You might want to try a Bravado bra. They tend to be pricey but most people say they are pretty good- not that I would know since I wear a cheapo Playtex with an underwire. . I have a Bravado tank, and I lived in it the first few weeks of nursing. Very good for larger breasts, and accommodating of the size fluctuations new moms often experience.

    We love it when new moms find this site before their babies are born. So many issues with nursing and birth can be headed off with a little education before hand! So feel free to jump in with any questions or concerns. We love "noobs" here!

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    Default Re: Good nursing bra for big breasts?

    i loved my bravado tank until i outgrew it - if i recall correctly they only go up to F or G, and on the small side at that. i'm very happy with my royce bras (currently overspilling my 34K).
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    Anita makes some good larger sized bras (I'm an f/ff/g depending on the brand). I wore one of their soft cup/no wire bras (#5062) for the first couple months and now am wearing a underwired 5035 as well as an Elomi 3912 (see: http://www.breakoutbras.com/product/...a/Nursing-Bras). Besides those, I bought a HotMilk bra similar to this: http://www.breakoutbras.com/product/...a/Nursing-Bras to switch off with the Anita softcup. I have to say that I never find softcup has the "lift & separate" of the underwire but I was pleasantly surprised that both the Hotmilk and Anita ones did as well as they did.

    I would happily rebuy any of these four bras. I've bought through breakout bras (linked to) as well as birthandbaby.com.

    Fwiw, i tried on some bravado bras and really did not like them. Maybe the tanks are differents, but I just found the cups weren't big enough to fit even when I was supposedly in the correct size and they didnt actually make a cup size big enough.
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