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Thread: Hormonal roller coaster with shifts in nursing

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    Default Hormonal roller coaster with shifts in nursing

    My 14 mo is spending more time with a sitter these days, but we're not on a regular schedule. Some days it's 9-1, some 10-1, some not at all.

    Yesterday, DS was at the sitter's 9-1, then fell asleep in the car with only a little nursing. DH was able to transfer him to bed and a 1.5 hour nap without me nursing him at all. (Most of his naps have been with me nursing him the entire time.)

    Then we were out for the afternoon so he didn't nurse until the evening.

    At the end of the day, I found myself weepy and sure that DS is slipping away from me, growing up too fast, I'm a terrible mom and wife -- you know, basic hormonal PMS type feelings and thoughts, except I just finished my period.

    I read somewhere that weaning can cause major mood swings like this, and I wondered if maybe the erratic nursing schedule of a toddler could also cause it.

    Anyone been here? Please help me feel less crazy.

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    Default Re: Hormonal roller coaster with shifts in nursing

    I have heard the same thing about emotions during weaning, but mine still nurses a lot so I can't speak to that from personal experience. I do, however, have similar feelings sometimes. I think it is because he is becoming less and less of a baby. I packed up some little baby clothes recently and cried the whole time.

    I'm in the opposite situation though - I work less in the summer so I'm spending much more time with my son. I think that helps. He's less of a baby, but he is becoming one amazing little boy! And that makes me so happy. If you can try to spend more time together it might help, but it's really hard to say. And it may not even be possible.

    I guess I don't have much worthwhile advice, but I do know how you feel and it's hard. Just try maximize the snuggle time you do have with your son and maybe plan a few activities that suit his new skill set so you can have fun seeing how far he has come.
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    Default Re: Hormonal roller coaster with shifts in nursing

    Yes! After night-weaning my daughter seriously cut back her day nursing. She was 3 years old. She started going down to 1-2 sessions a day and then even skipping days!! I was anxious and weepy for no good reason! I was happy for her to cut back but little things would set me off. Hormones can do crazy things. Honor your body and take some time to yourself. Can you create a tradition for you and your son? Something just you two do together? After my son weaned I felt...unneeded! Like anyone could offer him what he needed, he no longer needed what only I could provide. So I made sure to schedule some one on one time to do something special. And I have been trying to schedule those sort of dates more and more for us to reconnect.
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    Default Re: Hormonal roller coaster with shifts in nursing

    I think it's totally possible. When Joe cut back his nursing to nights only, around two years old, I had some serious hormonal shifts, and even felt depressed for a short period of time (I was also sad he had cut back so much and wondered whether I had done something to start the weaning process, without really meaning to). But the hormones seemed to adjust themselves after a few weeks and I felt better - Joe continued to nurse several times at night for months after that, so it all kind of evened out. When I got pregnant, he fully weaned, and I did NOT have such a strong response, I think because the pregnancy hormones had already reduced my milk supply to close to nothing, so that there was not a roller-coaster effect. (Beyond just being pregnant, which can feel like a roller coaster, anyway! )

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