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Thread: Is this thrush?

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    For a couple weeks I've been having burning, shooting pains inside my right breast after and between feedings. I don't have any other symptoms and I can't tell that DS (11 m.o.) has any symptoms either. My left side is not affected. I did have to take antibiotics about a month ago. Also, who do I call about this? I haven't seen a lactation consultant since the newborn days. Will my primary doctor be able to help? Thanks!

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    That sure does sound suspicious, especially if the pain just cropped up now, after 11 months of trouble-free nursing. Call your child's pediatrician, and your midwife or obstetrician. One of them will probably know what to do- if this is thrush, remember that both you and baby need to be treated or you'll just pass the thrush back and forth.

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    It definitely sounds like it could be. I had it when my DS was about 18 months, and the pain was as you described. I didn't have any other symptoms other than shooting pains in my left breast (righty was okay). I had the pains for a few days before I noticed the tell-tale white patchy spots in DS's mouth. I felt better pretty quickly after we treated it.

    I would contact your doctor - he should be able to help you out.
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    I would take some over the counter probiotics until you can get into see your doctor. You can usually find acidopholus for less than ten dollars and it will at least help decrease your thrush if that is what you have, but isn't dangerous to pass on to your little one through your breastmilk. I had a pretty bad case of thrush that my little guy and I completely cured with just the probiotics, but he had the very noticable white tongue spots, I would still recommend you get into see a doctor soon.

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    Thanks for the replies. I have an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow, but will see if I can pick up some probiotics today in the meantime. Hoping this goes away quickly!

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