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Thread: Is it too late/milk not coming in

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    How often are you pumping? It's all supply and demand. If you want more milk in the afternoon/evening I think you pump more. I also think you should try to let the baby latch every time and you should try to do a nurse in. Take the baby to bed and stay there for two days. In your undies and a diaper. And just let her eat.
    I'm not sure when the supplementation started but not everyone leaks. It doesn't mean that your milk isn't in. I never leaked. I had an emergency c-section as well and my milk didn't come in for 5days. I never supplemented I just fed him colostrum for those 5 days. And when my milk did come in my breast were never rock hard or engorged or anything.
    You are only 8 days out. So it's all totally doable. At what point did you begin to supplement and why? Were you counting diapers? At what point did you think what you made wasn't enough?

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    You NEED an IBCLC. Not only to help you latch, but to see about the brest issue. I have worked with a mama with breasts like what you describe, and she cannot feed her baby 100% at the breast, no matter how much she pumps. She does better with breastfeeding,mwhich makes sense as a baby is better for your supply than any pump, but she still supplements. However, she does what she can, and that is what is important. But it's really impossible to say for sure based on what you write. Thus, agai, you need need need an IBCLC to help you!

    Count diapers, try a nurse in, and don't focus so much on how much you are pumping.

    We have lots of mamas here who started out EPing and got to EBfing, so it can be done.
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    I very much agree with the previous posters' suggestions to see an IBCLC. The breast hypoplasia mommal described is unusual, but if that's what's going on, you need to know ASAP. And if it's not, an IBCLC will still be able to help you make sure your supply is where it needs to be and help with getting your baby latching on well.

    Check the International Lactation Consultant Association website (icla.org) to find the IBCLCs that are near you. There's a map -- here! -- that shows where they're located.

    lowmilksupply.org also has a list of IBCLCs, some of whom are personally recommended by Diana West, one of the authors of LLL's THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING.

    Keep us posted!
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