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Thread: excessive lipase

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    Default excessive lipase

    how do you know if your milk has this? DD always makes a face and fights away the bottle if i try to give her milk in the bottle. i just always assumed it was because she preferred the breast and joked that she made it seem as though i was feeding her gasoline. i never even knew about lipase but just read someone else's post about her frozen milk having too much lipase and now it's making me think...does mine?

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    taste it. if it tastes soapy or vomity, that's lipase. it's not bad to feed, it just tastes gross and most (not all) babies will refuse it. to test, put a bottle in the fridge and taste every couple of hours until the max time you'd keep it (5 days or whatever), or it starts to taste bad. not everyone has this, and if you do, you just use milk wihtin the time frame, or scald before freezing, to take care of the problem.

    i've also just learned it can come and go over a nursing career, so watch for that as well.
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    The milk will smell off - soapy, metallic, rancid, etc. If she is rejecting milk tht has just been expressed, then it is probably not a lipase issue. Lots of breastfed babies don't like bottles.

    To check, you can keep a test bottle in the fridge and smell and taste the milk periodically to see how long it takes until the lipase kicks in if it is present. I got about 2 days before I had to scald the milk. Some mamas get less than 24 hours.

    ETA: as stated above.
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