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Thread: It's happening again;(

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    I just bought some yogurt for him and we'll start feeding him a bigger dinner. Something filling. The yogurt sounds like a good idea I'll try that. Susan were you able boost your supply back?
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    How's it going?

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    Molars are in. Could be canines.

    And I don't feel like my supply increased, but he decreased to meet my supply. Does that make sense, OP?
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    FYI - I am RIGHT IN THE SAME BOAT, but at 14 months. I have always had copious amounts (16oz+ per day) and very suddenly seem to have dropped off a ton (10-12oz); especially strange following a 4 day Holiday weekend. I will follow your thread to see your progress. I know that I might have figured out part of my issue is related to missing my birth control pills and/or prenatal vitamins. I am NOT pregnant, and haven't seen AF since before I got pregnant. Hang in there!!!
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    He. Yes nurses right before I leave and as soon as I get home. The thing is I work nights so it's not like my husband can give him solids at 3am We are going to try and give a more filling dinner on the nights I work and see if that helps. He loves his solids. I did check all parts and replace the membranes. I will just pump after feedings and see if that helps. It's crazy I went from pumping 16 to 18 oz to maybe 13 oz. So frustrating.
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