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Thread: tips for freezing?

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    Default tips for freezing?

    Does anyone have any tips for getting all the air out of the milk-storage bags before ffreezing them? I feel silly asking, but I always feel like there is an air bubble or something that I just can't get rid of. Is there some secret I don't know about?
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    some bags are easier than others ... i couldnt believe hoe much easier the lansinoh bags were, and cant for the life of me figure out WHY theyre easier - just know they are. have also heard good things about honeysuckle.

    tips -
    i generally laid the bag flat on a counter and gently lifted the open end to enccourage air out.
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    Default Re: tips for freezing?

    When I'm trying to squeeze air out of any bag, I close it almost all the way, leaving only a small opening. Then slowly squeeze the bag until the liquid is almost to the opening. Then I zip it the rest of the way quickly.

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    I use the lansinoh bags. Leave them standing up & take index & middle fingers out like you're making finger scissors on front & back respectively & slide from top of where milk is to top of bag. the bag sticks itself together. sometimes tiny gap between milk & where bag closes but is good for expansion while it freezes. Otherwise the bags tears in minuscule amounts & leak when defrosting

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    With PP. Close almost all the way and do the scissor fingers. There will probably be one small air bubble left but it will not harm the milk. Just get most of the air out.
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    Default Re: tips for freezing?

    If you get it all out, it's OK
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