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Thread: Weaning, not very good at it.

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    Default Weaning, not very good at it.

    My second child loves nursing, but was too dependent on it to calm him down or to go to sleep. I finally 'weaned' him after we had a four day seperation in early April. Afterwards I told him that they don't work any more. He accepted that. For most of the time, just touching the "tangies" have helped him cope the weaning. However, sometime he throws wild tantrums. After fourty minutes of screaming, I ask him if he wants "tangies" (to nurse). That calms him right down. a few days ago he said the "tangies" dind't work (weren't producing milk), but tonight they are. Oh well, I'm not very good at weaning... althought my nights and early mornings have been more pleasantsx.
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    Default Re: Weaning, not very good at it.

    Why have your nights and mornings been more pleasant? Getting more sleep? Would you like to fully wean or just keep him cut back or go back to it? That way of weaning sounds at least slightly traumatic. Was he throwing wild tantrums before weaning or is it a new development? Do you think its related? I liked having nursing in my toolbox for dealing with injuries, tantrums, and anything else it would cure. Maybe he just needs to know he can continue to have them sometimes. If you need to set limits, do it.

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    Default Re: Weaning, not very good at it.

    I agree with Lara, its ok to set limits. Once I night-weaned my 3 year old I felt so much more at peace with nursing! We now only nurse a short time at bedtime, a nice long nursing session in the morning but shes cool if that doesnt happen for whatever reason, and when she gets hurt.
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    Default Re: Weaning, not very good at it.

    Great advice from the ladies above. I also think that looking at weaning as a gradual process helps as well, there usually isn't a switch that you can flip and be weaned. You child seeks you and nursing for comfort, so if you want to nudge him in the direction of weaning, it will happen, but expect to nurse and to use yourself and your body to continue to provide comfort in different ways like rocking, singing etc. My older son like when I scratch his bad and sing. He has been fully weaned for about 6 months now, but he still looks to me for comfort and I like that.
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