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Thread: Help: Freaking out...blood in stool!

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    home executive: Those were very helpful pictures, I've never seen that before. My LO has had a little mucousy bloody poop in her stool after she ate green beans! I probably wouldn't have worried so much if I'd seen those pictures. I didn't know what they defined as currant jelly either! But definately she's never had that before.. thank goodness.

    My DD's stool went back to normal after a couple of poops. Doc was not worried. She also had a bit of bloody stools after I tried a couple of spoons of similac (thinking I had to wean cause I was sick, so I tried). Also, that cleared up as well (No dairy allergies that I know of.. I haven't had to restrict my diet).

    I hope it all goes wyattsmama, I can understand your alarm. I hope everything will go back to normal without any problems In my case it did, and doc wasn't worried because it didn't persist.

    Keep us posted!

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    Okay I called the dr. this morning and since he has had 3 more stools since with no blood they said just to watch him and if there is any more blood...then come in. So hopefully he is fine...but know I am noticing he keeps sneezing...not trying to be a paranoido here...but I think he may have picked up a bug at his check-up yesterday...this is why it was his last "well visit"....hopefully all is back to normal...but still green poop

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    I'm so glad he hasn't had anymore bloody poo. I kept you in my thoughts last night because I could tell you were worried. I don't have any wise thoughts for you but I just wanted to send a your way.

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