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Thread: Feeling overwhelmed and needing reassurance

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    I was feeling the same way with my little guy earlier this week. All I can recommend is experiment and find what works for you. For me it was when I stopped demand feeding. If he's cranky we try a binky or distract him with playtime or go for a walk, no more comfort nursing, there are other ways I can comfort him. I'll probably get blasted on here for this, but oh well. For us, it works. If I hadn't made that change I would have quit and switched to formula. The key is to find what works for you, not to follow one parenting/feeding method exclusively just because someone (professional or family) says to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*brogers View Post
    Our nephew is almost 2 years old, and my SIL was all about the Baby Wise method, so her and my MIL always make comments like 'oh he's hungry again?' or they'll ask when was the last time he ate.
    In case you want some validation about staying away from BabyAbuse (a.k.a. BabyWise), check out this website: http://www.ezzo.info/

    You're doing a great job, and don't let anyone criticize your parenting choices.

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    Babywise is monstrous. I'm sorry your inlaws are not supportive. I got some comments from family too about scheduling and the merits of cry-it-out. You just have to stick to your guns and follow your instincts. Mothers' instincts are one of a suite of human characteristics that have ensured the survival of our species since it's first appearance on this planet. Know that you are doing the right thing for your baby!

    The nice thing about slings and carriers is that they are small and lightweight so you can take them along even if you are using a stroller. You can always push your baby in the stroller, then pop him in the Moby if she gets fussy and wants out of the stroller or if he wants to nurse while you're on the go. Then you can pop him back in the stroller if he wants out of the Moby.

    And when you want to hole up in the house, do it! Curl up in bed with your baby and husband and read a book or watch a movie. You deserve some down time too!

    There's a lot of trial and error early on. You're doing great! Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.
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    You are doing great! I agree that just leaving the house is an accomplishment. Mine loved the Moby until about 3 months so I would always use it when going out.

    I needed to get out of the house once when LO was about 6 weeks and decided on a museum. I wasnt comfortable NIP yet so I brought a bottle but she wouldn't take it. Finally I went to the children's section and nursed her. I had one mom give up a chair for me and another one tell me she is an LC and to feed my baby wherever I need to! I was embarrassed at first but in the end really humbled by the support of the moms and dads around me, AND I got to see some Modigliani! So it was a success. You will get your groove and nursing on the go will get easier and easier. Hang in there and great job!

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