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Thread: Sippy Cup for 5 month old?

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    Default Sippy Cup for 5 month old?

    Hi Ladies!!

    So my almost 5 month old baby girl does not like bottles or pacifiers..pretty much any artificial nipple she despises!! haha! Luckily I am a stay at home and am able to bring her along where ever I need to go =) Someone had mentioned in a post awhile back that they had the same issue of their little one not taking a bottle and they were able to graduate to a sippy cup at 4.5-5 months. Has anyone had any luck with this? I purchased a couple of sippy cups which have handles and a soft spout so it's easy on her gums. We're thinking of trying out the sippy cup with expressed breast milk. Any suggestions on transitioning her or types of sippy cups for her age??

    Thank you for all your help!!
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    Default Re: Sippy Cup for 5 month old?

    We gave Aidan one around that time & took to it surprisingly well. But he gets bottles when I'm at work. We used the NUK breast to cup transition spout. Not sure if it attributed to his current biting phase, though.

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    Default Re: Sippy Cup for 5 month old?

    Both of my kids have preferred the Nuby soft nipple cup to a bottle. Especially since neither were getting bottles with any regularity.
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