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Thread: Pumped and nothing came out. HELP?

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    Default Pumped and nothing came out. HELP?

    I pumped for 15 minutes and hardly anyting came out.

    I have been pumping every two hours around the clock due to a decrease in production.

    I forgot to eat this morning, so I went about 12 hours without food or water. could that be the cause? Being Famished?

    Also it seems that my nipples could be swollen because of all the pumping sessions. They swell against the sides of the breast shields. Could it be too tight and constricting the milk from coming out.

    I feel the let down and what is supposed to be extraction but nothing come out. I have been pumping 1-2 ounces successfully every 2 hours. What happened this time? I'm going to try again in a few minutes (an hour later).


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    Default Re: Pumped and nothing came out. HELP?

    Have you tried a larger size horn? What about putting lanolin or olive oil on the inside of the plastic of the horns?

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    Default Re: Pumped and nothing came out. HELP?

    I have small breasts but need L and at one point XL shields. If they are rubbing against the shield, I suspect they are too small.

    I'm not sure if missing a meal would cause that much of a supply decrease, but try and make sure to eat and drink lots of water! I kept a box of Luna bars almost all the time so I had something decent I could eat on the go

    Also if you are pumping more often, it might seem like you are pumping less each time. But it is working! It will build up over time.

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    Default Re: Pumped and nothing came out. HELP?

    Your horns are too small. That will inhibit milk coming out.

    Call anI.bCLC who rents pumps to get right sized ones ASAP.
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