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    ok i have been doing some reading on the forum but still have some questions.

    First of all, my son is 4 months and we have had thrush for >2 months. I did oral anti-fungals twice, he has had diflucan and nystatin and we did gentian violet twice. now I'm thinking the reason the gentian violet didn't work was bc it might be ductal thrush since I definitely feel a deeper pain in my left breast. My pediatrician is having me do another round of oral anti-fungals and have him on nystatin again for longer, plus we're both on some serious probiotics including an anti-fungal strain.

    I am really stressed out about it. I am already dairy-gluten-corn free and I just am overwhelmed at giving up anything else and I have heard conflicting things about anti-thrushing our house---should I boil the hell out of everything that touches breastmilk (ie half my house??) Should my husband get treated? If so, what would he take? Has anyone else had a long struggle with thrush that can give me some encouragement?

    Lastly, could the thrush be related to how gassy he is? He has most of his bowel movements in the morning amid a lot of grunting and farting and does not seem to enjoy it! Is this normal or related???


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    We are going through the same thing... Thrush is nasty.

    I've been treating DS3 every time he's gotten the rash, but it kept coming back. I didn't realize (pedi never mentioned) that I should be treated, too! So now I'm working on getting something for myself as well, perhaps something topical that my DH could use, too, just to be extra safe.

    I wash all DS3's diapers and burp rags on hot and dry on high heat, as well as all underwear. I'd consider washing other clothing (the stuff that gets spit-up on it) on hot, but we only have so much hot water to go around in this apartment.

    idk about thrush causing excess gas, but I suppose it could be the case. My lo gets pretty gassy, too

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    I SO know how you are feeling right now. With DD1, we had thrush for a LONG time...that's when I first came onto this forum, I thought I was going crazy....

    I did all those things too, nothing helped me until I did Dr. Jay Gordon's thrush protocol. http://drjaygordon.com/breastfeeding/thrush.html I tried Dr. Jack Newman's first http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP. He recommends the grapefruit seed extract (GSE) too. But Dr. Jay Gordon's doesn't recommend the other things first, which you've already tried. But read both and see what you want to try.

    I found that the GSE helped too with that ductal pain. That special water Dr. Jay Gordon talks about mixing it in can be gotten at a pharmacy/drug store.

    I also took probiotics. Get really good, refridgerated ones. Like from a health food store. What are the ones you are taking?

    Oh and I just thought of that I also took the GSE orally. Take everything for a while after symptoms are gone.

    I did do a lot of boiling- even of the cloth diapers I was using- SO not worth it in my opinion, I stopped and we hadn't got rid of the thrush yet and then we did later get rid of it even without boiling. You do NOT need that extra stress. I would only boil a pacifier if you use one. I didn't so that was easy for me. I did put some drops of GSE in all rinse cycles for a bit. Can't say if it helped or not.

    Why would you have to give up other foods? I don't understand. Maybe cutting back sugar, but otherwise, you wouldn't need to.

    Does your husband have any symptoms? Do you have symptoms in any other area? If you do have a yeast infection then get that treated too. We did try using a topical antifungal cream (OTC at the drugstore)

    I had thrush for 8 months with DD1. When I finally read that info I just gave you, I solved it. DD2 and DD3 I had it briefly because I started that treatment right away.

    Keep at it, its SO frustrating but so worth it to keep nursing.

    As for the gas, I don't think that's related, my babies never had that (even DD1). I do think some babies are gassy though.

    Hang in there.
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    Thanks for the quick response! Too bad I didn't read this before I went to run errands--I think it would be tough to get out again to get the grapefruit seed extract although now I really want to!

    Probiotics: I take Garden of Life RAW Probiotics for women--the expensive refridgerated kind! And I now also have Ortho Biotic--they have the anti-fungal strain but my pediatrician said to wait until after this round of fluconazole to start those. DS takes 1/3 capsule of Culturelle (I take the rest) and Ther-biotic infant formula (we are keeping the probiotic industry in business).

    Homeopathy: I read in Ina Mays a bunch of different stuff people found effective so I started taking garlic since that is readily available but I'm sure my local co-op carries the grapefruit seed so I'll get it today or tomorrow.

    I will note that DS has had (prior to elimination diet mentioned) fungal diaper rash and cradle cap so clearly he is susceptible to it for some reason. I haven't had any vaginal yeast infection, but I also do Creighton Model NFP and the post-sex instructions help minimize the chance of UTIs or yeast infections.

    I'm not sure what symptoms my husband would have to even look for! Would he get it orally? Crotch? And then how would he treat it?

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    I second the GSE. We had thrush for 2 months and it's the only thing that seemed to work. It tastes horrible. I found it at a natural health food store.

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    Sorry, I didn't come back on and see this. How are you doing?

    I think your husband would only get it if you had a vaginal infection. So he would use an antifungal OTC cream on his private area. My husband had to do that once.

    Some kids are more susceptible but you're doing the right thing. My oldest was susceptible until we had her on a really good probiotic for a few years. She's always had a good diet so I'm sure it would have been worse otherwise.
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    I had thrush (and lots of pain) for at least 3 months. I also tried everything, diflucan, nystatin, grapefruit seed extract, probiotics. The only thing that made a difference was when I quit wearing a bra entirely. It helped almost immediately. I had to get over my embarrassment about going out in public bra-less, but I didn't wear one for a full month and my thrush went away and never came back. It was definitely worth it.

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