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Thread: Comfort nursing questions

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    My soon-to-be 4 week old (tomorrow) has been comfort nursing in the evenings lately. For the last 2 days, anytime after 6pm he'll act fussy/hungry but when he's latched he'll actively suck for just a few minutes. After that he's asleep and doing those flutter sucks. Usually I don't mind, but I'm worried he's not eating enough in those feedings. Does anyone have a similar situation? Do you let him suck as long as he wants? Sometimes he'll pull my nipple hard, and it gets painful!

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    Sounds like cluster feeding to me. Very normal. My guess is he's getting milk just not at the rate he would in the mornin after a longer period of time. I would let my son suck in hopes of upping my supply during that time of day.
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    yep, i agreee. keep a 4 weeker on the breast as often and as long as he wants!
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    My LO still does this in the evenings and she is almost 8 weeks. It can feel distressing for you, often making your evening challenging, but it is normal for your LO. My pediatrician says this behavior peaks at 6 weeks and then declines over the next 6 weeks. I am seeing a decline for sure. Buckle up each evening and enjoy the time with your babe. Have your partner bring you some water and snacks and enjoy!

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