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Thread: Baby not taking EBM from new nanny. Help!!

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    Default Baby not taking EBM from new nanny. Help!!

    Hi Everyone,

    My son just turned 8 months old. I went back to work full time since he was 4 months old.
    Baby has been with a nanny from 5 months old.

    With the nanny, he would take 3 bottles of EBM (4 oz each) between 10AM - 5 PM. Around 6.5 months, we started solids with baby-led solids for 1 meal (dinner). Since last week, we also started giving him a fruit/veggie for lunch.

    We were not very happy with the nanny and let her go 2 weeks ago. I was home with the baby while we looked for a new nanny. Luckily, we found someone and she started 3 days ago.

    Problem is, he is not taking the EBM bottle at all from the new nanny. Yesterday, he took just 1 bottle at 2 PM. He breastfeeds well when I'm home (morning, evening and 2 feedings at nights).

    He is also crying a lot and I'm thinking its because he has developed stranger anxiety lately.

    Please help. Do I need to cut down on solids, change the nipple flow (we use the slow flow playtex bottles) or something else?

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    Default Re: Baby not taking EBM from new nanny. Help!!

    Have you tried a cup? My son started daycare around that age, and he decided he no longer wanted bottles but drank his milk just fine from a cup.

    He may also need to get used to this new person in his life. That can take a little time, but should go fine if she's experienced knows what she's doing.
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