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Thread: Increasing Supply at 12 months - is it possible?

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    Default Increasing Supply at 12 months - is it possible?

    My daughter just turned 1. For quite some time now I have not been pumping enough to keep up with her. (TG for milk sharing, but we have had to supplement with formula a couple of weeks.) She is nowhere near weaning, still not entirely convinced on table food, though she does eat some solids, a little more each day.

    My question is this: is there that much I can do, at this point, to increase supply? I've tried various supplements, but still need an extra 6 oz plus beyond what I produce.

    Should I even bother trying a hospital grade pump (currently using a Medela PIS) at a year in, or is my supply too established by now?

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    Default Re: Increasing Supply at 12 months - is it possible?

    Supply can be increased at any time. There's no "too late" with breastfeeding! The best thing you can do for supply isn't drugs or herbal supplements- it's to increase the frequency and intensity of milk removal by either nursing more or pumping more often using a better pump. So yes to the hospital-grade rental. And start working on your supply now, by using your PIS more often. That may be enough.

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    Default Re: Increasing Supply at 12 months - is it possible?

    I personally think its very difficult to increase supply after 12 months via pump alone, having BTDT, as I EP. If you can breastfeed more, that helps. But via pump alone...you need to pump like 8 times a day for 120 minutes.

    Since she is nursing, at work, you can try pumping more often. Pump like 15 minutes every 2.5 hours. On weekends, pump between nursing sessions or get up at night and pump.

    Power pumping in the evening might help, which imitates cluster feeding by a baby.

    All of this takes time, like it can take weeks to see any difference, so don't get frustrated.

    If the pump you are using is the same one you have been using all year, it's probably starting to wear out. So I would try a hospital grade and see. But again, give it at least 2 weeks.
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