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Thread: Suggestions please!

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    Angry Suggestions please!

    Hi everyone, we seem to be having yet more problems! Having worked through the breast refusal due to OS/OALD, my baby has not been refusing but is still struggling with the flow. I am getting full but not engorged. I am feeding one breast per feed, however before bed, she seems to fuss until I offer her the other side, this confuses me as the original side still squirts if I hand express so I know that it still has quite a lot of milk. This seems to happen no matter what side I start on, so I know that it is not a side preference. It will take me up to 2hrs of fussing around before bed to get her to settle, usually I nurse her on one side, she may fall asleep or stops and fusses, If she sleeps, she will wake up very soon after I put her down and usually burp and then she is awake, so I repeat the proces. If she doesn't settle, I eventually offer the other side and eventually she settles (usually between 9pm and 10.30pm, bed time is at 8pm)! She then sleeps a couple of hours and then disturbs and if I leave her a bit, she starts to rock forward and back on all fours. I nurse her on one side, usually she falls asleep, I put her on my shoulder and gently burp her, I put her down and within 5mins she disturbs, i leave Her a bit to see if she is just settling but she does not. I pick her up, sometimes she burps, sometimes not but then she is wide awake crawling off, I try nursing her on the side she last fed on but she doesn't settle, eventually I try the other side, she still doesn't settle, sometimes she burps, sometimes she farts. If DH takes her, she cries for me. 3hrs later, we are still awake repeating the process, getting nowhere and having no idea whether she has discomfort, is hungry, wants comfort or what? I try gripe water, and eventually English version of Tylenol, doesn't really help. I try walking around with her in the ergo nursing, she groans and moans and eventually a good 3 hrs or so later falls asleep and I put her down. About 2 hrs later, she wakes up and the same thing happens, but often doesn't really go to sleep as we hit morning before she settles. Last night, she got about 5hrs sleep and I got 3. I don't mind nursing her at night, I am just grateful when she will nurse but I don't understand why she won't settle for hours. We are all just so tired! I just don't know what she wants or what to do! Is she hungry, does she just want comfort(difficult on me as she gets so much milk), is it teething, is it gas? Is she getting too much foremilk, but her poos are normal and if OS is playing up, why does she want both sides before bed? I just don't know what to do or whether this is normal? Maybe it is gas because I nurse her to sleep and she doesn't settle long for naps either, but I can't get her to sleep without nursing her(which I don't mind, but am worried that I am causing her discomfort by doing that), surely at 6 and half months she should be able to cope with gas better? Any thoughts greatly appreciated as I am just so exhausted!

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    on the teething. That link is excellent.

    Gas is a possibility too. My son was (is) very gassy, and needed assistance with it until more like 10 months. I had to bicycle legs, tummy massage, hold him in a squatting position, give warm baths the whole time. It gets better, but it can take a long time.
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    Teething is a good bet- your LO is what, 6 months or so? By 4 months a lot of babies are already being unsettled by the early stages of teething. You also may want to have her checked out for an ear infection.

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