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Thread: My little "Dyson"

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    Default My little "Dyson"

    ....is what I've started calling my 13 day old baby! He never loses suction just like my vacuum! Haha! He drains a breast in 10-15 mins. Is that normal for this age? I have an OALD and he has a strong suck, and I believe we are hitting a growth spurt right now. Extra nursing in am/pm but still sleeping at night, thank goodness! I am more full than ever. I keep telling him to chill, but he doesn't listen!

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    sounds like you're doing great, then!
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    As long as he is peeing/pooping normally and gaining weight, there's no reason to worry about how fast/slow feedings are. Feeding lengths are all over the map, even with very young babies. Some take an hour to eat, others are done in 5-10 minutes.

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    Mine were almost always on the faster side of normal as newborns. As long as the output is fine, your input is fine.
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