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Thread: Can I still Breast with Herpagina?

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    Question Can I still Breast with Herpagina?

    Hi, i am Joyce Ooi. I am new here.
    My 15months old girl just recover from Herpagina few days ago.
    I still breast feeding her during the time (direct latch on).
    Never came out of my mind whether I'll be infected or not,
    just thinking that breast milk might give her better antibody.
    If I was infected by my girl, can I continue breast feeding her?
    Thank you.


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    Welcome! I'm sorry your baby wasn't well. If you happen to pick up the virus from your daughter, you can certainly continue to nurse her. She just got over it, so her immunity to it is currently very strong. You will not reinfect her.

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    when my lo's were younger herpagina was called coxsackie! I nursed my lo's when they had this ailment.
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    Yes keep nursing her from everything I know. Coxsackie virus is really common and you probably already have immunity since it's generally a childhood illness.
    Nursed my sweet daughter 3 years, 3 mos.

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