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Thread: Pumping at Work (Moved from 0-3month forum)

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    Question Pumping at Work (Moved from 0-3month forum)

    I posted this in the 0-3 month forum without thinking that since my daughter is now 4 months old, it better belongs here.

    Hello There.

    I have a 4 month old and I've been pumping at work for about 2 months. I pump twice during my 6 - 7 hr day (and sometimes once more if I'm teaching a night class). When I pump twice a day I'm typically getting anywhere from 2 - 3 oz combined (Right produces closer to 2 oz and left closer to 1 oz, which seems weird to me). That means I only seem able to pump 5 - 6oz during the whole day. My baby eats about twice this each day while I'm at work, so she's getting some formula while I'm at work. I'm okay with this, but I'd love her to get more milk but I'm not sure how to increase my supply?

    Also, when I pump, the milk comes out very fast. Lately, my little girl will get towards the end of the feeding and will start grunting, tugging at the nipple, and biting! I'm wondering if pumping is making my flow come in too fast?

    ETA: I breast feed on demand evenings, nights and weekends, as often as she likes, especially because the only way she'll sleep is after nursing.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks! Cynthia

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    Default Re: Pumping at Work (Moved from 0-3month forum)

    It's not weird to have production differ between breasts. Humans aren't perfectly symmetrical.

    When you want to increase production when pumping, here's what helps:
    - Pump more often. If you're pumping every 3-4 hours, try to move that to every 2-3 hours.
    - Troubleshoot your pump- you may need a better machine, or a different size of breast shield, or may need your current pump reconditioned.
    - Pump after nursing when you are with your baby.

    Pumping does not change your flow speed in and of itself. If pumping to excess makes you develop oversupply, you can end up with a rapid milk flow. If not pumping enough makes your milk supply decrease, you can end up with slower flow. Both situations can cause frustration for the baby. But the behavior you are seeing sounds much more consistent with frustration stemming from slowed milk flow.

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    Default Re: Pumping at Work (Moved from 0-3month forum)

    also, for how long do you pump each time? i found i got a second letdown around 23 minutes. pump once a day on weekends. look in to fenugreek & oatmeal. it's totally normal to get 3 oz per pump, and most mamas have to pump extra to provide all the milk for a work day. good luck!
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    Hello, just to add another reply:

    Nothing boosts milk output like adding in another pump session-- that could be another pump at work, or at home.
    I find that pumping in the morning before work I get a nice output (if baby had not nursed recently).

    also you can ask the baby care provider to offer smaller portions at a time to make the milk stretch out further. A baby offered formula may take it even if they were not hungry for it, and many providers might tend to offer food as the very first Go-To response for any baby fussing.

    GOOD LUCK! You are doing great! 2-3 oz output is totally normal, and differing Left & right side is totally normal too! I sometimes get twice the amount out of my right side-- and funnily, it was reversed with my first baby! the left side was the power milk side LOL

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