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Thread: Pumping at work

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    Question Pumping at work

    Hello There.

    I have a 4 month old and I've been pumping at work for about 2 months. I pump twice during my 6 - 7 hr day (and sometimes once more if I'm teaching a night class). When I pump twice a day I'm typically getting anywhere from 2 - 3 oz combined (Right produces closer to 2 oz and left closer to 1 oz, which seems weird to me). That means I only seem able to pump 5 - 6oz during the whole day. My baby eats about twice this each day while I'm at work, so she's getting some formula while I'm at work. I'm okay with this, but I'd love her to get more milk but I'm not sure how to increase my supply?

    Also, when I pump, the milk comes out very fast. Lately, my little girl will get towards the end of the feeding and will start grunting, tugging at the nipple, and biting! I'm wondering if pumping is making my flow come in too fast?

    ETA: I breast feed on demand evenings, nights and weekends, as often as she likes, especially because the only way she'll sleep is after nursing.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks! Cynthia
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    just thought i'd add that this post has been moved to the 4-12 month forum.
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