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Thread: Recurring clogged ducts

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    Mama, I am sorry! I am very prone to clogs but I never had to deal with so many so often as you do. I think you are right that there might be an issue with inflammation going on, but I am not sure what you can do about it. My suggestions are palliatives in addition to all the good tips you already got above.

    First, I agree on the bra. I never could wear nursing bras or tanks because they gave me clogs, but I also couldn't go braless. So I wear these sports bras:


    They don't put pressure anywhere (for me, even seams could cause a clog) and support like a gentle hug.

    Not just bras, but even tight-fitting tops and sweaters could give me plugs. I got a plug from the seams in the armholes of my pajamas digging into my underarm area.

    Agree with the comment on sleep position. I have to sleep on my side, hugging a soft fluffy pillow for light support. Sleeping on my back causes the breasts to put pressure on themselves (and sleeping on my tummy, needless to say, crushes them).

    Do you ever feel like you've fully drained your breasts? I only ever felt fully drained after I controlled my oversupply (that was after 9 or 10 months for me!). When I felt this for the first time, what a relief! It "flushed out" my ducts! I did feel that the constantly full ducts made my breasts tender and slightly inflamed although not as intense compared to what you described, and this tenderness only subsided when the supply adjusted.

    Also, do you have lots of letdowns in between feedings? I had those a lot and they contributed to the overfilling and irritation of my breasts. There was also a time when my baby would start nursing, give me a letdown, and then stop before really drinking anything (she was beginning to drop feedings but kept nursing often for comfort).

    Oh--I also noticed that stress could spark clogs. Something about the stress hormones perhaps? If I were particularly angry, nervous, or anxious, I would get a clog.

    Good luck, mama! Clogs are tough. I hope you can figure this out and get some relief.
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    I have had the same problem along with nipple pain for all of the 7.5 mos we have been bfing. I finally noticed I get these little tiny blisters on my nipple and then I usually get a plugged duct just a little while after I notice the blister!

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    So sorry mama. I used to have a lot of clogged ducts/mastitis bouts. Triggers for me were:
    tight elastic tanks (with support bran on the inside)...I can't even see regular bras without feeling pain!
    carrying heavy things (carseat, groceries, etc)
    repetitive motion (vacuuming, sweeping, etc)
    sleeping on my back or even reclining while bfing
    bumping my breast on ANYTHING
    not drinking enough fluids
    previous clogged ducts (because they cause damage to the ducts)
    wearing baby

    This time with DD2 I have really tried to not overdo, wear loose-fitting tanks, take Soy lecithin on a daily basis, and apply cold packs when I even start feeling like there's clog in there! It's such a PITA dealing with those. I'm so sorry you have to.

    I hope you find something that helps
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    Just wanted to give an update: I got my milk tested and it was negative for bacteria. I went to a dermatologist and she confirmed that my hives were probably a result of taking the ibuprofen. It took about 2 weeks for them to clear up and I took generic Clariten for the last week of the hives because I was going a bit crazy from the itching.

    I still got some clogged ducts for the next few weeks but not as frequently and for shorter durations than the first 3 months. Now, at 5.5 months, I have been clog free for about two weeks and even wore my LO today for about 30 minutes and don't appear to be getting any clogs. I'm so happy to be "normal" and finally have a pleasant breastfeeding experience. Thank you to everyone who shared their insight and offered their support!

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