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Thread: Any advice on going back to work??

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    Default Any advice on going back to work??

    I know I have to go back to work sometime, but my lo will not take a bottle and is completely attached to me. She hasn't went 30 min without me since she was 6 weeks old. When I do go back, I'll be working nights. It would only be about 4 days a month and could even be just half shifts. At this point, I think I'll try to go back in January. Any advice for getting her ready? We co-sleep and I feed on demand. How will she sleep without me, she won't lay down by herself? Has anyone had any luck in a situation like this. I love the bond we have, I would not give it up for anything, Can I make changes that won't affect the bond and current system we have going?

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    Default Re: Any advice on going back to work??

    Do you both sleep with Dad? Maybe she would sleep through while you're at work if she could sleep by Dad?

    If she wakes at night, maybe you could try to let Dad comfort her, too? He could try patting, rubbing, singing, the Sears' "neck nestle", ect. Maybe he will find something that works for him? That might make the transition back to work easier!

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    Default Re: Any advice on going back to work??

    This sounds just like me and my llittle one. He is TOTALLY attached and will have to go to daycare in Jan. Everyone tells me it will get better but for me, it hasn't. He now cries when I just stand up from playing with him on his blanket. He too will not take a bottle and only nurses to sleep. I don't know how he is going to eat or nap! Anyway, I hope we can find some answers.

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