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Thread: Allergy and Oversupply

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    My son is six weeks old. Three weeks ago, I took him to the ped because he was spitting up a lot. When we were at the docs office, I noticed blood in his stool. Doc told me that these were obvious signs of dairy allergy. Since then, I have been off dairy, soy and nuts. The spit up now seems to be less but I do notice from time to time that there is still blood in his stool. The doc told me it could take time for the blood to go away - but now I am wondering whether there is something else I am eating causing the allergy or if it can also be because of oversupply. By default, I have also been off of wheat and I think I may stop corn, which I understand can also be an allergen. Any one else going through anything like this??

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    Welcome to the forum! Your doc was right- blood in the stool can indicate allergy. But it can ALSO be a symptom of oversupply, and many moms with oversupply end up doing unnecessary elimination diets. Do you think oversupply might be a problem for you? And how much blood are you seeing in your baby's diaper? Specks and streaks? And how often are you seeing it? Is it every diaper change or just some of them?

    Don't let this issue get you too worried. It is possible to nurse through bloody stools, and they will probably eventually go away even if you do nothing about them. If you do need to do an elimination diet, you will find plenty of knowledgeable help here.

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