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Thread: What the heck?

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    Sorry it's hard! If it's any consolation, its pretty typical to have these "what the heck" moments with newborns. Babies change things up all the time, its almost always OK...you guys are smart to work on calming baby before trying again. A calm baby nurses better.

    You can also just hand express just before baby nurses as an alternative to catching let down. It's totally normal to not feel letdown, btw...

    If you think baby is hungry but too frantic to nurse, you can consider hand expressing a little milk, like an ounce at most, and feed it to baby with a clean syringe or eyedropper or letting baby lap or suck milk from the RIM of a spoon or small cup (don't poor it down babies throat, let baby control it) and then try bringing baby to the breast. Or dribble a little expressed milk on your nipple to remind him this is where he gets the goods.

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    Okay, so last night wasn't bad. Dad was home and able to help. Baby boy nursed in laid-back position, but it seemed like it was hard for him to breathe. Tips on this position? We nursed side-lying too. I worry about these at night. I can't tell if he's getting a good latch and everyone is so sleepy I worry he's not nursing long enough to get the good stuff, but he's sleeping, fat and content. Only spit-up once last night and it wasn't very much. He slept one 4 hour and two 3 hour stretches. Since we are having this issue should I be waking him up to nurse more frequently?

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    mama, you're doing a great job. now start to relax and enjoy it!

    ALL your milk is "the good stuff".

    if he's nursing well on demand, and more frequently during the day, and has enough wets, don't worry about waking him over those longer stretches at night - just enjoy them while they last.

    when we were first co-sleeping with a little, we put a red light bulb in the bedside lamp and left it on all night. it was bright enough to see what i was doing with the latch and even a diaper change, but didn't make our pupils adjust to lighting and i found i could easily sleep through it.
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    You're doing great, and enjoy the sleep while you can!

    It took awhile for both me and my baby to get laid back nursing down. I would put a few pillows behind me, lean back, put my baby on my chest, and let him latch. I just made little adjustments to how far I reclined and where I put the baby as we went. It can take some getting used to. Just keep at it.

    Some babies can nurse super fast with OALD. Mine got to the point here he could finish a breast in just a few minutes. If diaper output is good, then he's getting enough milk.

    Also, don't worry too much about the spit up, even if there is lots of it. It is common with OALD and is not a medical concern (unless it is accompanied by pain). My baby spewed milk. He didn't spit up much the first week or so, but became increasingly worse with it until we had everything covered in receiving blankets and towels. It's a giant pain for you, but it's normal for some babies.
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    If you think baby's nose is getting buried in the breast while doing laid back, gently press into your breast near baby's nose to make a little depression around the nostrils. Have dad look, he will probably see that the sides of the nostrils have a bit of a space even if from your pov it looks buried-they are designed that way. If not, do the gently press down thingy. If baby is doing something scary like gasping and showing signs of distress, take baby off try & another posiiton.

    Yes definitely do NOT not worry about spit up. I don't have time to get into it now but spit up is kind of fascinating, there are theories on why at least 50% of all babies spit up a lot, and why it may even be GOOD for babies. Certainly it does not hurt, except in rare circumstances where it is a symptom of another issue like GERD. If it is a symptom of oald, it does not usually cause pain and is nothing to worry about.

    Oh and yes do not worry about foremilk/hindmilk! That concern has been blown WAY out of all proportion. Nursing frequently is good, short nursing sessions are usually entirely normal, as long as output is good and weight gain is normal.
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