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Thread: Anxiety!

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    Thanks ladies! I think I was lonely, tired, hormonal, etc.... We came home last Friday and hubbs had to go back to work Sunday and until yesterday it was just me around here most of the time. I am EXTREMELY extroverted and have a hard time being cooped up in the house alone. I had some visitors, hubby was home, and I got to spend time with my oldest boy and we still have tomorrow! Feeling much better today! Thank y'all for the support!

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    Totally normal! Once I let go of the control over feeding times and just went with my baby's demands I actually felt more relaxed and able to cope. It is hard juggling more than one child, we found babywearing to really help with that. I loved my ringsling and was able to nurse using that and it kept my hands free to deal with my 2 year old. Hang in there, it gets easier.
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