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Thread: Work and suddenly crummy supply.

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    Default Work and suddenly crummy supply.

    Last week I was asked to work a few extra hours for a couple days at work, which ended up with me working four nine hour days in a row. The most I usually work is around five hours a day, and at five hours I can generally manage to get through the whole shift without needing to pump.
    Last week however I should have planned ahead, because two hours before I was off the first night my breasts hurt so much I was nearly crying, and on and on all week.
    I work in a grocery store, as a self check out attendant, so aside from two ten minute breaks and on my scheduled lunch break there is little opportunity to slip away and pump, and also my dog ate my pump and I am without one now, so I have been expressing by hand.
    My work allows pumping, obviously, and everyone is very supportive of one another, but it takes me so long to express by hand I didn't do it, I didn't think it would have that big of an effect on anything, I've gone that long a couple times in the past with no problem.
    Well this time is different. My supply seriously suffered, I don't really pump much at home, but I'm trying to let my son nurse as much as possible during the day before work, but if I work evenings he is out for the night by the time he gets home and doesn't wake up for a few hours.
    Any advice on how to ramp things back up here? Other than don't go over nine hours without expressing again?

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    Default Re: Work and suddenly crummy supply.

    just nurse on demand. and i spent a whole weekend pumping after every nurse - that was a pain but worked. get a new pump!
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    Default Re: Work and suddenly crummy supply.

    Nurse as often as possible when you are with your baby - offer more than the baby asks. Get a pump and pump after each feeding.
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    Default Re: Work and suddenly crummy supply.

    Nurse, and go buy a good pump.
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