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Thread: Me again- do babies latch after this long?

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    Default Me again- do babies latch after this long?

    They lowered her dose of meds, and so she's more awake, but she still won't latch consistantly. She can- she's latched and nursed well, but just won't stick with it. We're using a nipple shield, and I'm going to the IBCLC today to get a SNS...but to be honest, I don't think I can do this much longer. I'm getting ill from the lack of sleep (I have other chronic health conditions affected by lack of sleep, as well as a open wound from a infected c/s incision) and the other children are just watching videos and doing nothing because of all the time I have to spend feeding her and pumping.

    She's six weeks tomorrow (I guess 3 weeks corrected age) and I'm so sad because she will be the first baby I have had to bottle feed if I end up stopping at 8 weeks...but I can't live my life by the pump. Has anyone had babies that, after this long, got the hang of it?
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    Default Re: Me again- do babies latch after this long?

    It can happen, mama. It's just that in this, as in all other aspects of life with kids, there are no guarantees. Do what you must to safeguard your sanity and your health and your family, and don't let yourself feel guilty about anything no matter how things turn out. And please remember that breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing- if you do decide to give up on trying to get your baby to nurse, and pumping all the time is not doable, you can always still continue to pump a few times a day and give your LO some breastmilk in addition to formula. I'm not trying to shove a worst case scenario at you, because I think that there's still a very good chance that things will turn around. Especially once you get the SNS and can supplement at the breast! Once baby gets the idea that breasts = eating, she may become a little more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

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    Default Re: Me again- do babies latch after this long?

    My boy, born at 34 wks, didnt latch for six weeks. We discovered he had a tongue tie in addition to everything else. The occupational therapist was a huge help, giving us exercises to increase his sucking power. Could you see one of those? And how about a postpartum doula to help around the house while you get some sleep? These things might help even if you supplement. And yes, remember, it doesnt have to be all bfing or none. Hugs

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    Default Re: Me again- do babies latch after this long?

    There is no doubt a babies can and have learned to latch and breastfeed after even many, many months. Since your baby will latch some of the time and is still quite young, I would say your chances are pretty good. But, certainly, it takes persistence and patience and maybe even some luck, and there are never any guarantees. Every baby is different, every mom is different, and every family situation is different. It is each mom’s difficult & often thankless job to make the hard choices about what is overall best for herself, her baby, and her whole family. That's why we make the big bucks. (ha.)

    One thing I would suggest you consider is, while you can always stop trying to breastfeed, once you stop trying, stop pumping etc, it becomes much harder to change your mind and try again, due to losing milk supply and time not at the breast working against you. So make sure you are as sure as you can be, that you have made peace with your decision.

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