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Thread: Change in feeding pattern

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    My 11 week old always used to nurse for about 20-30 minutes on each breast. For the last couple of days he wants to spend well over one hour on one breast and when I offer him the other he feeds for maybe 5-10 minutes only. Any ideas what could have caused this change? Could it affect my supply since each breast is being used less frequently now?
    He seems happy enough during the day and satisfied so I'm confident he is getting enough milk. The only other change is that at night time he has gone from sleeping 7 hrs straight to 5 hrs and when he wakes to feed he happily feeds from one breast and then gets quite agitated when offered the other and makes faces that look like he is disgusted with the taste. This only happens at night time. Eventually he will root out the second breast and after 5 minutes feeding will go back to sleep.
    Could a growth spurt cause these changes?

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    Eh, babies are weird. Their patterns change as soon as you've figured out what they are. This all sounds totally normal, and as long as you keep feeding at earliest demand, and he keeps gaining, don't worry about it!

    Good job mama and congrats on the new baby!
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    The only thing that is constant with babies is that they change all the time! The moment you think you have them figured out, they change on you. Who knows why! What's important is that they are healthy and keep on growing and developing. As long as they are doing that, it doesn't really matter when/how they sleep.

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