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Thread: Refuses to nurse while awake!

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    Default Refuses to nurse while awake!

    I posted last week about my 3 month old dd only wanting to nurse every 3-4 hours during the day. (thank you for all the helpful replies!). Since the beginning, we have dealt with OS/OALD. It has been pretty much under control on the right side, but still battling a bit on the left. I've been doing all the tricks (ie: letting spray go into towel, laid back feeding, etc). Now the problem that I've been having is that dd will only nurse when sleeping or JUST waking from a nap. If she is showing hunger cues while awake (vigorously sucking on hands, rooting, etc) and I try to nurse her....she screams and pushes me away. I'll then rock/bounce her to sleep and then she'll feed. The only thing that makes sense to me is that she had a bad association with nursing....maybe a particularly strong let down before I could catch it in the towel, etc??? I have multiple letdowns per feed, so comfort nursing happens VERY infrequently (sometimes the right breast will "behave").

    Any additional thoughts? Has anyone dealt with this? Is it something that she may outgrow? What will I do when she is older and not so easy to get to sleep so I can feed her?

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    No bottles, pacifiers, etc. And she has been doing this for about 3 weeks now.....
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    Default Re: Refuses to nurse while awake!

    little ones change so much during the early months. just when you think you've tackled an issue a new pops up to take its place. Big hugs Mommy!
    Breastfeeding is like learning the steps to an ancient primitive folk dance set to modern music. As your daughter grows and thrives you can help shape her behaviors to become a most excellent dance partner.
    So yes, my take home message is she will out grow this new wrinkle too, you can be her guide by gentle persuasion.
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    Thank you for the reply. Today I have been holding her in a nursing position, but just rocking and singing to her. After a few minutes she would stop crying and just look at me and coo & smile. A couple of times I was able to sneak the nipple into her mouth and then she would nurse. Didn't work every time, but I'm hoping it's a start for her to have a positive association at the breast again.

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    Default Re: Refuses to nurse while awake!

    awesome, good job!
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