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Thread: Nipple Shield and Pain

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    I'm having a hard time getting my little guy to latch onto my left side due to a flat nipple. He's my third, and with my previous two babies I had to use a nipple shield the whole time I nursed on both sides. This time, I've managed to get him onto my right side without any trouble, but my left side has been awful. I started using a nipple shield on that side and it hurts so bad. It's like pins and needles the entire time he's feeding. I'm wondering if the shield is too small for my large nipples. Is this possible? I'm using the Medela standard size (24mm). When I pump I'm using the larger flanges and I have no pain at all. Do you think it's possible that I need a larger size shield? If so, do they even make such a thing? Do you think it could be something else?


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    greetings kjreif! I'm so happy you are breastfeeding ds#3! flat nipples that do protrude when you are expressing milk are a good sign! your baby might also be a lustful enough nurser to adequately obtain his feed from your left side w/o the shield.
    the shield as you know can prevent your nipple from getting proper stimulation to maintain an abundant milk supply. so that is where pumping pays off. but when you feed your LO the pumped milk in a bottle he is not learning how to latch on correctly.
    The pins and needles sensation you are experiencing with the shield sounds terribly awful. I wish there was a way to convince your LO to use his nursing know-how and settle down to latch on with out the shield. This is where a IBCLC would be most helpful.
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    They don't make a larger shield, but there are other brands out there that fit differently, like the Tommee Tippee and Advent, sold at BRU. However, I think you need to see an IBCLC. If baby is nursing from one side OK and not the other, you need some experienced eyes to help you figure out why and how to overcome it.
    hang in there!
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