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Thread: Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

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    Default Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

    these are all the things that I really do wish I knew when I started breastfeeding. Really, really helpful tips


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    Default Re: Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

    Cool. Thanks for sharing! I wonder why it says to avoid pumping in the first month, implying it could decrease your supply? Maybe i'm reading it wrong...
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    Default Re: Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

    maybe if youre pumping instead of nursing? usually the advice is that pumping first month risks oersupply, right?
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    Default Re: Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

    The first month your supply is being regulated by your child. If you pump instead of giving baby full access it throws off the ques. Either it causes oversupply because you are sending your body more signals that you need or it decreases your supply because some of your childs hunger cues aren't reaching your body because they are being intercepted by the bottle.

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    Default Re: Really good tips for first-time breastfeeding mommies

    Besides, why pump when you have a cute, snuggly, sweet smelling baby to cuddle? And who takes care of baby when you are pumping. Guaranteed that as soon as you hook up, baby needs you. BTDT. Dont pump. You don't need to if all is going well.

    I hate that all the baby lists say a mom needs a pump. If you are following baby's cues, you don't. Even if you have an oversupply. The majority of moms don't need to pump in that first month. I wish I had been told that instead of what I was told -- to pump -- because I think it really caused a lot of issues for my first baby, with the resulting OS, OALD, green poop, etc on top of his acid reflux.
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