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Thread: Have a cold/ baby less interested in BF

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    Default Have a cold/ baby less interested in BF

    I got a bad cold 2 days ago and my 4 1/2 month old has been less interested in breastfeeding the last day or so. He'll eat, but just not as often as he normally will.
    I was wondering if my milk tastes different because I'm sick...?
    Also, with all the contact we have together (co-sleeping, breastfeeding) how can I assure he will not catch this nasty bug?

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    Default Re: Have a cold/ baby less interested in BF

    Not sure about the milk tasting different, but I would have thought that your baby is less likely to catch your bug because you are breastfeeding. He will be getting your anti bodies, so is much less likely to catch it than if he was bottle feeding! Get well soon.

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    Default Re: Have a cold/ baby less interested in BF

    Just keep nursing, as it helps baby have antibodies in case he does catch it.

    I do not think it changes the flavor of the milk myself, unless you are taking cold medications. Sometimes your supply might be a bit low while you are sick, and that might make your LO a little less interested. Watch wet diaper output.
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    Default Re: Have a cold/ baby less interested in BF

    Best way to prevent a baby from catching your cold is to nurse and to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often, don't kiss baby on the mouth, cover your mouth when you cough. That's about all you can do! And don't feel bad if your baby does get sick, because everybody gets colds and because he might not even have picked it up from you!

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