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Thread: Reducing number of feedings

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    Hi all!
    My son is 11 months, and finally sleeping (well) through the night. He nurses or has a bottle (breast milk) 4x/day. I am at work 4 days/week and pump. As he approaches his 1st birthday, I'd like to eventually stop pumping at work and just nurse him morning & night on the days I'm at work. My question is: will I maintain any sort of supply if I only nurse twice per day? My thought is that by 12 months he shouldn't "need" breast milk nutrition any more, so producing a lot isn't as important - but ideally I'd love to keep up morning & evening nursings well into his first year or longer. Have any of you been able to maintain twice/day nursing for an extended period of time? Thanks!
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    It should be fine to stop pumping and drop some feeding after a year and still keep just those two nursing sessions. You will probably need to introduce an alternative milk at that point though (cow, got, soy, almond, etc.), because I don't think two nursing sessions is adequate milk for the day.

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    My thought is that by 12 months he shouldn't "need" breast milk nutrition any more, so producing a lot isn't as important
    This probably depends on how well your baby eats solids and takes to an alternate milk. Mine didn't really eat solid meals reliably until more like 15-16 months, so breast milk was still a very important part of his diet. That is not the case for everyone, but it is for some of us.

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    I have done exactly this. When my girls were 10 months, I transitioned them down from 4 nursings a day to 2 over 2 months. Then I stopped pumping at work and nurse morning & evening. Granted I have only been on this schedule for 4 weeks now, but it is working. Yesterday I had to pump because of a work dinner and would miss their nighttime feeding, and I got a bunch so I don't see an impact to my supply.
    I should add that I replaced those nursing sessions with formula/cows milk. And my girls eat a ton of solids.
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    I don't pump at work anymore and I nurse on demand when I am at home in the evenings, overnight and on weekends. I also work 4 days a week. I haven't had any supply issues and have been doing this since January. I do feel that my baby "needs" the nutrition she gets from breast milk, but that is only part of the reason I am toddler nursing.

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    Thanks ladies! Glad to hear it can be done Good point about adding other alternative milk into his diet, that's important.
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