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Thread: Medications to stop milk production???

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    Default Medications to stop milk production???

    I want to stop breastfeeding, I've slowly stopped pumping, have it down to once a day but my breast hurt really bad. Isn't there an over the counter medication I can take?

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    Hi mama! How old is baby? There are medications but also more natural way to do it.
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    I don't think there is anything over the counter you can get that is specifically designed to dry up your milk, but your doctor would be able to prescribe you something.

    Cabbage leaves in your bra would give you some relief and might dry you up some.

    Watch out for mastitis. If you start to feel flu-like symptoms: achy, fevery you need to talk to a doctor.
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    with the PPs. If you're feeling uncomfortable, that usually means you're trying to wean too fast. There are circumstances where this is unavoidable- for example, we've had moms who urgently need to start a course of medication that is absolutely not breastfeeding-compatible. But if you don't have a time-sensitive need to wean, it's usually best to go slow: drop one pumping/nursing session, wait several days, then drop another, etc. Doing it that way allows milk supply to drop gradually, preventing engorgement and decreasing the risk of the mom coming down with plugged ducts or mastitis.

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