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Thread: Sudden decrease in supply... need help!

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    I am a teacher and have been out of school for a week. Before this week off my nursing was going great. I didn't pump as much as she ate but was ok with adding a couple of ounces of formula to her bottles. Now that I am home with her 24/7 she is doing a lot of the same thing crying while nursing, even after offering her both sides, and not being satisfied until she gets a bottle. If I keep offering her my breasts and they seem to not get full and I give her more bottles than the breast. If I feed her off one side one feeding, another side the next feeding and then a bottle the next it seems. Like I get full again and can nurse her. I am freaking out! She is six months and I really wanted to nurse her until she was a year! Should I keep putting her to the breast as much as possible??

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    Nurse. STOP with bottles at home, because she probably has some level of flow preference. Keep switching sides. Give it a week or so to rebuild your supply, keeping in mind you were always short...now you have to make up that difference. And you totally can with some work
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    Honestly, if the decrease in supply was very sudden and you also had your period, that could definitely be why and it may bounce back on it's own. My son used to get so upset a few days before AF and a few days into it. It was really bad. And I didn't get her back till 9 months pp. I think it would have been much worse if I had still been ebf (not that he ate much solid food at 9 months, but at least some).....
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