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Thread: I need help. Considering weaning my four month old.

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    Default Re: I need help. Considering weaning my four month old.

    Here's a little update:

    I pumped every two hours last night to try to get my milk back. Pumping output isn't different, but I definitely feel more full, so hopefully it will work in the next couple of days. I also spent the night skin-to-skin with my DS. I haven't been very hopeful that anything would really happen until just now. I was laying skin-to-skin with him and thought just for fun I offered him the breast without a nipple shield, expecting nothing but the normal angry grunts/crying. He smiled. He actually smiled!

    Then he sucked a couple of times without a nipple shield for a few seconds. Here's hoping for progress. I will continue to have skin-to-skin contact with him and pump to get my milk back. I can't help but wonder if his most recent aversion to the breast came from my lack of supply.

    I am still looking into trying an SNS. I appreciated the information about the DIY SNS. I just need to find a feeding tube and I'm in business.

    Thank you all so much for caring and passing on words of support and wisdom. I guess this is why we have La Leche League. If you think of any other ideas, please pass it on. I appreciate it all!

    Thank you again.

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    Default Re: I need help. Considering weaning my four month old.

    It can take 7-14 days of pumping to get supply to change, so don't get discouraged by that.

    Ask your vet for a feeding tube
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    Default Re: I need help. Considering weaning my four month old.

    That's great. They may seem like little steps but just getting him to try calmly is a huge deal. Be proud mama!
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