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    So today I was playing with my son on the floor he was playing chase of sorts since he just turned 5 months and only army crawl. At one point he lost his interest and it was getting near feeding time so I took off my shirt oh boy the look on his face of excitement I dont think I have ever seen him move so fast. He quickly made it to me and he ate was felt he was done went back to playing well I rolled over to my back and I am very endowed so one breast flopped over my shoulder and he scooted back over and latched on. My darling son got such a kick out of this as well because now he was inchs a way from my face so he would lean his head against mine and suckle. Have any of you ever ended up in a really odd positon to feed that your darling child? I think I might let him have a couple of day feedings like that since he really seemed to enjoy it so much. Normally when we cuddle he leans his face against mine so its a mix of his 2 face things at the same time.

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    Oh yeah, as babies get older and turn into toddlers you can expect all sorts of gymnastics at the breast!

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    Yeah. In the months between 6&9 when baby was learning to crawl and beginning to cruise I used to spend a lot of time on my back with my shirt off so he could drive by eat. We talked about it so much here they made a smiley for it. ---->

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    Thats so cute. I tried to BF with my daughter we never made it this far due to a lot of reasons that just having my DS be able to just army crawl up and latch on is so exciting. I cant get over how excited he is to breast feed as well any time he sees the shirt start to lift up he gets a huge smile and if he feels I am 2 slow he tries to help me. That sounds like a good idea to just hang out with him topless so he can dive by eat most of all with it being so hot right it would help from getting 2 hot holding him as he eats.

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