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    My daughter has recently turned a year old and thankfully, she took really well to whole milk and is now without breast milk bottles/nursing during the day at day care and on the weekends. She is only having breast milk when she wakes up in the morning and before she goes to sleep at night. I am wondering do I need to continue to pump during the day so that I will have milk in the morning/evening? If/when I do pump, the milk is going to waste because she doesn't drink it during the day anymore, so I've started putting in the freezer just in case we want to go out one night or something. So basically to sum it all up...do I need to pump during the day to keep my supply up for the morning and evening?

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    at a year old you should be ok with out pumping. How many times were you pumping during the day? Its wise not to stop cold turkey but wean off the pump slowly over a few weeks cause you don't want to risk a clogged duct or worse.

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    You can pump wean and still have milk for those 2 remaining nursing sessions. It probably won't be much milk, but there will always be some provided your baby is willing to nurse.

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