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Thread: Baby bit so hard he broke skin! It hurts too much to nurse!

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    Default Baby bit so hard he broke skin! It hurts too much to nurse!

    My baby has been teething for a while and has a number of teeth. He occasionally bites when nursing, but usually never too bad.

    Last week he bit me so hard that he broke skin and now I have a cut right under my nipple. It hurts beyond anything I can bear when he nurses. I've been trying to let him nurse on that side because I don't want to lose my milk, but I have to cut him off after a minute because I can't handle the pain. What should I do?

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    Default Re: Baby bit so hard he broke skin! It hurts too much to nu

    Sorry you got bitten, mama!

    Here are some things you can do to alleviate pain and speed healing:
    - When using the bitten breast, try latching baby on in a different way so that his mouth is oriented in a different direction. That can mean less pressure on the bite.
    - Moist healing. Slather the cut with lanolin, or use gel pads (e.g. Soothies) over the cut. Also, try a combination of 1% hydrocortisone cream and Bacitracin antibiotic ointment to combat inflammation and infection (use pea-sized amount, mixed and applied with a clean finger).
    - if it hurts too much to nurse on the bitten side, try pumping. If baby isn't nursing much on that side because you can't stand it, there's a good chance that the milk supply on that side will decrease, and although you can always bring it back by allowing baby to nurse on that side, it's always easier to maintain supply than to resurrect it.

    Tips on biting:
    - Try to identify when baby bites. Often bites happen at the end of a feeding when baby is no longer feeding actively and is just playing around. If this is the case, you may need to watch your baby more carefully towards the end of a feeding, and take him off threats before he gets lazy and bites.
    - When baby bites, immediately take him off the breast, say "No biting! Hurts mama!" in a gentle but firm tone, and put baby down and walk away for a bit. Eventually baby should get the picture that biting = the end of the feeding, and he should stop doing it.

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    Default Re: Baby bit so hard he broke skin! It hurts too much to nu


    is the cut healing at all? lots of mamas pump on the injured side while it heals. giving it air exposure will help with healing.

    your supply will come back up in that breast once it's healed and you're nursing again. so don't worry about it TOO much - short-term healing is much more important.

    do you feel you have a good handle on how to deal with the biting in the future?
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    Default Re: Baby bit so hard he broke skin! It hurts too much to nu

    Thanks so much for advice!

    I tried latching him on from a different angle and it still hurt too much. I'm going to try pumping and I hope that won't be too bad.

    He doesn't usually bite like this so I was completely caught off guard when he did and believe me I screamed so loud I think I scared him from ever doing it again because he hasn't even nipped at me since, but thanks for the advice on how to handle it should he ever try again.

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