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Thread: explain why not to buy used Ameda?

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    Default Re: explain why not to buy used Ameda?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jennygal View Post
    Awesome!! Thank you ladies for your input. I wasn't sure if there was somehow, someway still some risk of actual contamination to the milk.

    I'm not planning on pumping more than once a day or so, unless I have the same issues I had with DS..and even still - that only lasted the first 12 weeks or so. After that, I'm planning on only pumping once every day or two to have a small supply on hand in case I need it.

    I suppose anything can happen, and if I need to pump more than that and the pump dies, I'll have to buy a new one....seeing as I already own this one. I was just worried I could harm my baby somehow...

    Thanks again!!
    I think, from having used one, the chance is possible of getting milk into the motor, which is where the contamination comes from, but it's small, which is why they call these closed pumps. However, it is NOT FDA approved.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aphimama View Post
    I agree, concern is with function not hygiene.

    Assuming an average 20 minute pumping session it's about 3x/day for a year (or 1x/day for 3 years). If exclusively pumping, TOTALLY not long enough.

    Susan, is that the motor? So regardless of replacing pump parts and membranes and what not it'll be useless after a while?
    Yes, the motor wears down, it loses suction. Fine for a mom who is not using it every day 4 times a day. Not fine for a working mom or an EPing mom.

    I bought a used hospital grade, and it needed a complete overhaul 3 months after I bought it. The mom I bought it from used it for a couple months, but the motherboard went bad. It cost me, in the long run, way way more than had I just bought one new. I also was given a used pump and used it too (I know the mother extremely well) and wore it out, with just using it 1-2 times a day 3-4 days a week, in about 6 months. She had used it about the same, so 400 hours was what we got out of it. I had a Lansinoh, which is basically a PY, and used it for about 400 hours, over 2 kids, and it died completely.
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    Default Re: explain why not to buy used Ameda?

    Or anyone who buys a toyota or a honda.

    Way too lazy for formula

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