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    Hi all - been lurking a while but rarely post. Have gotten so many helpful tips nursing my now almost 23 month old! We are doing great (well, depends on how you look at it I guess!). He nurses 5-8 times a day and 2-3 times a night. I haven't put any restrictions, just nurse on demand. One slight nuisance, and the reason for my post, is that while he naps (nurses to sleep) a full 2-3 hours each day, it's never straight through. He typically wakes up after about an hour, calls for "mimi" and then nurses back to sleep for the remainder of his nap. It's been this way for several months and I can't pinpoint a cause. 2-year molars seem unlikely - I believe they are on their way up but can usually tell when they bother him (hands in mouth, etc). Noise level doesn't seem to affect it. I try to be pretty quiet most times, but sometimes can bang around the kitchen and that doesn't wake him. Anyone have any insights or experiences? It's not a huge issue, and I'm fine if it continues like this, just curious and would be great to figure it out! Thanks!!

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    Baby may be in a transition, from one long nap a day to 2 short ones, or one long one to one short one. As you say, no reason to not keep doing what you are doing as long as it works for you, but nap times/duration do tend to change over time. My kids always napped longer if I lay next to them and nursed if they stirred, which worked well for me personally as getting a nice long nap for myself rocked.

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