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    Hi there, i have a 3 month fully breast fed baby.. Iam from malaysia and the weather here nowadays is very hot
    Just lately my baby started to have constipation problem.. She haven't pooed in 5 days now. Before this she never had this problem before till she turnt 3 months old. Anyone please advice. Thanks.

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    It's pretty normal for a baby that's only getting breastmilk to go long periods between pooping. My 3 month old only goes about once a week but I've heard up to 2 weeks between poos can be normal. Is there anything other than the length of time since her last poo that makes you think she's constipated?
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    Yep it's about that age that a baby often goes several days without pooping. Just keep an eye on wet diapers and other signs of dehydration. But I would say it sounds normal.
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    Very normal. After 6 weeks, it is normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to continue to poop several times a day, or to go as infrequently as once every week. You should not suspect constipation in a breastfed baby unless some or all of the following apply:
    - baby seems to be uncomfortable when passing stool (turning red, straining, crying)
    - stool is dry and hard enough to roll off the diaper
    - baby is pooping less often than every 1-2 weeks

    Don't worry!

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    agree with all pps. And remember breastmilk is an excellent thirst quencher. Even in hot climates, an exclusively breastfed baby does not usually need any supplements, not even water. You can offer to nurse more frequently if baby seems thirsty. If you are still concerned, you can familiarize yourself with the signs of true dehydration-less frequent poops at this age is totally normal. This article covers illness in the breastfed baby, including signs of dehydration. http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastf.../baby-illness/
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