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    I am mom of 4 months old baby and it seems like he has nipple confusion he prefers bottle over my breast. I really want to breast feed him ,I used the bottle because I go to school but just 2 days a week and when I am tired so my husband can feed him.
    He has cow's milk protein allergy and acid reflux and he hates the hypoallergenic formula he likes the soy milk.
    But I decided to stop school after this semster ands and keep breast feed him
    But he refuses my breast and he takes it sometimes when I incist or when he is as sleep but when he is hungry he wants the bottle and when he takes it he doesn't nurse for more than 5 mn.
    what to do ,any advises?
    Thank you

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    hi maman, welcome!

    you've got a number of issues going one. are you done with school now? are you full-time at home? your body is going to need some time to increase its production, if you want to wean off formula supplements. it'll take some extra nursing for a week or more to get up to speed.

    sounds like your baby likes the immediate reward of the bottle. you might try several things: 1) using an SNS so that he gets that immediate reward at the breast, while getting your breasts stimulation to keep producing. 2) give him an ounce or so from the bottle to take the edge off, then finish at the breast. 3) stop giving him bottles as soon as possible. 4) offer to feed at earliest demand - don't wait til he's hungry, don't even wait til he has early hunger cues! babies who are super hungry have less patience.

    a good way to do all of htis is to hang out skin-to-skin in the bath or bed for several days at a time, just relaxing with no pressure.

    finally, it may be possible that he's finishing a breast in 5 mins, if he has an efficient suck. you won't know til you sort out some of these other issues.

    good luck!! keep us posted with your progress and questions.
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