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Thread: still snacking every 2 hours

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    Default still snacking every 2 hours

    My LO turned 3 months a couple of days ago. About a week ago, he went through his 3 month growth spurt. He was eating constantly, needing to be held all the time, then pratically doubled in size overnight, haha. Afterwards, he started sleeping longer stretches at night (up to 6/7 hours!) I was in heaven But now he's starting to snack frequently again. The past couple of days he's been eating every 2 hours or so (sometimes less) and keeping me up at night. He's also not napping very long anymore. If he already went throug his growth spurt, what could this be???

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    i try not to overanalyze the eating/sleeping patterns of my lo because there is a lot we just cannot figure out i am just grateful i have bf as a tool to help out.

    teething is always a possibility
    just being tired/overtired
    just needing you

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    Default Re: still snacking every 2 hours

    Mine nursed every two hours until he was over a year old. It's easiest just to roll with it.
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    with the PPs. There's nothing wrong with "snacking" since it's a very normal eating pattern for a baby. It's inconvenient, but it's very healthy for baby.

    At 3 months, baby may be transitioning from 3-4 naps to 2-3. Sometimes that causes rather erratic feeding/sleeping patterns for a while.

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