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Thread: 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

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    Default 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

    My beautiful 11 day old son and I have been diagnosed with thrush. We have only been using the Nystatin (ointment-me and oral-him) for less than a day. My baby boy weighed 9lbs 3ozs at birth and likes to hang out at the breast. At first I didn't mind that most of my day was spent with him in my arms, but the last 4-5 days have been excrutiating for me. I am in so much pain when I BF I cannot relax and enjoy our time together. I just keep thinking when is it going to be over! I find myself apologizing to my son and perspiring when it's time to feed him in anticipation of the pain that comes with the initial latching on. I tried to pump, to give my nipples a break, but was only able to get less than 2 oz's out of both breasts! I know I had more milk because I could feel the full milk ducts.
    I am fully commited to BF my baby, but have to admit the thought of using the free can of formula they give you when you leave the hospital crossed my mind a few times.
    Can someone give me some insight or encouragement through this very discouraging time. Does anyone have any suggestions for pain relief during feeding?

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    Default Re: 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

    Welcome to he forum, mama, and congratulations on the new baby and to making it this far with breastfeeding! Thrush is awful, but there are lots of moms here who have dealt with it and I am sure they will soon be by to give you good advice on beating it. Give the nystatin some time to work, and tell us some more about exactly what you're experiencing and how you and your baby were diagnosed with thrush. (We occasionally get mamas here who have been misdiagnosed.)

    2 oz is normal output when pumping, particularly for a mom who is doing it for the first time. Pumping is a learned skill and how much you get depends on your expertise, the make/model of pump you're using, the time of day, and how well you respond to pumping in general. Don't get frustrated, and remember that breastfed newborns typically take only 1-2 oz when nursing. You don't need a huge bottle! And, honestly, you probably don't want to use a bottle at all. It's generally recommended that moms delay introducing a bottle until breastfeeding is well-established, around 4-6 weeks, in order to prevent baby from becoming hooked on the easy rewards of bottle feeding and to prevent the artificial nipple from interfering with his latching ability.

    Please take that can of formula and either throw it in the trash or donate it to a women's shelter (they can always use free formula). Seriously, think of the formula companies like vultures, circling over your head, waiting for you to break and crack open the can. They didn't give you that "free" can out of the goodness of their hearts. They know that if they can hook you on their product now, they're likely to extract around $1500-$2000 from your wallet. Don't give them the satisfaction!

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    Default Re: 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

    Well I researched signs and symptoms online. He has the white spots in the mouth and a few on the tongue, but it has not affected his appetite and I don't believe he has pain because he can suck very hard at times. I am experiencing pain for the most part, not just while feeding but afterward as well. Sometimes it's a shooting pain and sometimes it's a deep pain. It's kind of weird and i'm sorry to be so candid, but after a feeding my nipples will hurt like they do when you are really cold and become very hard. Lately I have noticed little bumps around the base of the nipple and my nipples are turning white. ( Not completely) But i'm not sure if this is not a result of the lanolin.

    It's good to know 2 oz's is a good amount, but I did use a bottle with a slow flow nipple and he finished it in no time and was looking for more. So while I thought I would be giving myself a break I ended up giving him the breast anyway! I have a Medela pump in style. I used a very low suction and the lowest interval setting because i'm so sore.

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    Default Re: 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

    What an excellent description of the post-feeding pain! Based on that cold-hard feeling and the fact that your nipples are turning white, I'm thinking you may be experiencing vasospasms, which are a severe constriction of the blood supply to the extremities- in this case the nipple. Check out this link: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/

    Vasospasm pain is very often mistaken for thrush pain because they have a lot in common- particularly the fact that the pain is often worst after feedings. I suggest trying a heating pad on the nipple after nursing- that should ameliorate the pain if this is a vasospasm issue. But please do continue to treat this issue as thrush- there's no reason to think you're not experiencing both, especially considering the fact that baby has white spots in his mouth.

    Vasospasms are often caused by compression of the nipple. When your baby is finished feeding, do your nipples appear symmetrical (like pencil erasers) or asymmetrical/creased/wedged, like new lipsticks? Lipstick nipples are a good indicator of compression.

    ETA: if this is thrush, you probably want to avoid the lanolin. Lanolin seals in moisture and thrush loves a nice moist environment. Also, if you've been using the same tube of lanolin throughout treatment, there's a chance that you could reinfect yourself with thrush from the tube. Rigorous hygiene seems to be very important to thrush treatment- so switch your towels, shirts, bras, pajamas, and burp cloths daily and wash everything in hot water. Some moms seem to swear by vinegar rinses for defeating thrush.
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    Default Re: 11 Day Old With Thrush and I'm in Pain!!!!

    Thank you so much for the link. After he feeds I dont notice a lipstick shaped nipple, but I am going to make an appointment with an LC just to be on the safe side. As for the lanolin I have not used it while using the Nystatin, and you are right I need to toss that tube altogether to avoid recontamination. Thank you for responding so quickly to my post. Oh by the way really good suggestion for the sample can of formula that was given in my breastfeeding take home gift! That is a much better suggestion than just throwing it away.

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