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Thread: nipple pain from bite

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    My 7 1/2 month old is just cutting her bottom teeth. She hasn't done too much in the way of biting, but the other day she got distracted by a sound, turned her head fast and those little teeth scraped across the bottom of my nipple! OUCH! So now, I have an abrasion/blister there which hurts like crazy at latch and for the first little bit until it stretches out. Seems like it is getting re-injured with each feed and the pump is no better. I know I have to keep nursing through it. I start with the other side until letdown and switch so she doesn't suck so hard on the injured side. I'm using lansinoh. Our issue is that she will only nurse lying down these days so switching positions is not an option. Does anyone have other ideas? Why do they get teeth right at the distracted age when they are moving all over the place anyway???? ARRGH! This wasn't much of an issue with our first dd, but I could change positions with her to let things heal. HELP???

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lcb View Post
    Why do they get teeth right at the distracted age when they are moving all over the place anyway????
    yup. Would be easier if 1) they all came in at once or 2) got them when they're done nursing!

    Aidan did that same thing the day his bottom two broke through. Not the best feeling! Avoid using the lanolin when pumping, it will make things stickier & tug at the sides of the horns & make it worse. Keep air flowing. He kept biting at the beginning of every session once those teeth came in & we're currently working through a nursing strike. Keep at it, don't wince when she latches, I think that's part of the reason he's still on strike, I seem to be tense & it's not helping. I'm down to one milk worthy breast & he also won't nurse unless laying down in dark & quiet non distracting area so no position switching there, either! Sometimes he would go for a tucked in football position where his legs were curled around my back on the couch but it was awkward on my back & didn't last long.

    Good luck!

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