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Thread: Breast feeding issues in 3 week old...HELP

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    Default Breast feeding issues in 3 week old...HELP

    I am the first time mother of a nearly 3 week old baby boy. He is EBF. Breast feeding started off great from the get go...but the past few days have been terrible. He nurses great at night, but during the day he is just awful! He definitely prefers one breast over the other (the one that produces more of course) so I am trying to pump the lesser producing breast in between feedings to help boost the supply. The issue we have been having is during the day he seems to just get impatient after the initial let down. He starts crying at the breast, thrashing his head around while still attached, clawing, letting go, relatching...and repeat. He will nurse peacefully from one side about 5-7 minutes, and the other side about 10 minutes. I don't know what to do! Our nursing sessions used to be so peaceful, and now they are so stressful...not to mention my breasts are getting really battered through this process and are quite sore. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


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    Default Re: Breast feeding issues in 3 week old...HELP

    IS the battering and impatience have to do with him wanting to continue to eat? Because he is the right age to have a growth spurt.

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    What happens if you go to switch sides? Or if you use breast compressions after that letdown?
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    His impatience occurs while he is eating. I have tried the compressions...and it does seem to keep him happy for a little bit. His impatience is better today, and I have discovered that he is MUCH happier if I feed him in the side lying position On top of all of this I am beginning to wonder if we are having issues with fore milk/hind milk imbalance. I don't feel like I have signs of over production...but he has a lot of tummy issues. VERY gassy and just miserable. He holds his stools for 8 + hours, getting increasingly upset and then will finally go and be happy for a bit. He'll go several times in a row, watery green and frothy sounding. I asked the nurse at the Dr. office and she said those stools are normal :/

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    sometimes just tweaking how you hold baby helps with some of the pulling off and fussing. HAng in there 3 weeks is so tiny you guys are still getting to know each other.
    so ideas to try are all the end of this link

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