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Thread: When to switch sides for snoozy, ravenous 10 day old?

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    Default When to switch sides for snoozy, ravenous 10 day old?

    Hi there!
    I am a 1st time mom to a 10 day old daughter who frequently (usually?) seems to fall asleep while feeding (eyes closed, no audible swallowing, more "pacifier"-like sucking) after just a couple of minutes. She is also on the breast pretty much constantly, which does not bother me at all :-), but I wonder if she is not getting much nourishment at any given time (the old foremilk/hindmilk concern).

    Some background: I had a wonderful, but very fast, intense homebirth. We missed the first hour/two "window" to try our latch (I had a fair amount of bleeding, etc.), and by the time we tried in the evening, she was too drowsy and couldn't latch. From there, we had appointments with an amazing IBCLC on days 1 (day after birth) and 2, and by day 4 we were solidly latched on both sides, gaining back 6 oz between days 3 and 7. For the first few days I was also waking her to feed. She also has an abating case of jaundice (midwife saw three days ago and is not concerned). She has plenty of wet daipers, but her poo is consistently green (which I've heard can be a sign of getting imbalanced milk). She also has very sweet and increasing spots of calm alertness, so I wouldn't say that she is drowsy to a point that is worrisome.

    However, baby's intense initial desire to nurse seems to wane quickly, but she can't be pulled from the breast for anything! In terms of my milk supply, she and I both wake up in a sticky puddle (she sleeps in our bed skin to skin), and she has had the occasional sputter on a heavy letdown, so I don't think she is falling asleep waiting for milk to come.

    Anyway, finally to my question (sorry! I'm not operating on a usual level of sleep!!): No one really addresses just how to know when to switch her from breast to breast. Except for at night (when we sleep a few hours), they are rarely super-full feeling (I know this isn't a problem), but if she does this lazy nursing on one side for 20 min., then drops off that nipple, then asks for more, should I put her back on the same side, or the other side? I know the first option can down-regulate my milk production, but I'm not sure its appropriate as of yet to start meddling consciously with that.

    So, that's it. Sorry this narrative is sooo long. I only have a few minutes before this little one likely wakes up! Thank you all for the help and support this community provides!

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    Default Re: When to switch sides for snoozy, ravenous 10 day old?

    Sounds like things are going pretty well overall.

    Is the green poo frothy and causing discomfort? I think it's when its a problem that it's a problem, you know?

    For me, I rarely switch sides during a feeding, because my son seems happy enough to nurse from one side and then conk out. (Or now, nurse and stay wide awake.) Then during growth spurts or evening cluster-feedings, he might sometimes want the other side. Usually I switched when the breast was very empty and soft (and the other side bursting, hehe), and wasn't feeling a letdown on that side. I just kinda played it by ear.

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    Default Re: When to switch sides for snoozy, ravenous 10 day old?

    Green poops can be normal. They can also be a sign of inadequate milk intake, allergy, or oversupply (resulting in high intake of so-called "foremilk"). In a very young baby, especially one who is jaundiced or sleepy at the breast, the most worrisome concern is obviously inadequate milk intake. I'd suggest stopping by the pediatrician's office for a weight check and trying the following to keep the baby alert and active at the breast:
    - Keep baby cool when she nurses, since a cool baby is an alert baby. Strip baby down to a diaper or onesie and keep a fan blowing in the room.
    - Annoy baby when she nurses, since an annoyed baby is an alert baby. Tickle her feet, rub her head. Use a cool damp washrag against the soles of her feet or against the grain of her hair.
    - Switch nursing. When nursing slows and baby seems to be falling asleep, take her off the breast, burp her, change her diaper, and stick her on the other breast. Repeat the process until baby will no longer wake.
    - Breast compressions:http://home.kellymom.net/store/freeh...ompression.pdf

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